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My collection of fashionable and easy-to-use teapots and teacups for brewing and enjoying any tea. The beautiful glassware is made by the award winning glass manufacturing company SAMADOYO. Each of them is hand crafted and blow moulded using high grade borosilicate glass, with beautiful high-gloss transparency and a quality look and feel. They are heat-resistant, lightweight and most importantly no taste transfer. They look amazing in any home or office and puts the excitement back into every cup you brew.

Each teapot or teacup is crafted to suit your tea brewing style and is designed to bring out the best from your tea. For instance the unique Gongfu teapots carry a built-in infuser cup which holds tea leaves above and separate from the main pot. This makes it easier to control steeping time but most importantly not over steep the tea. This is an essential consideration when brewing good quality green tea or High Mountain Tea (read my guide here). Then there is the classic teapot with simple flowing lines and a functional super-fine stainless steel filter that makes brewing (and cleaning) a breeze. Best of all they are made of tough, borosilicate glass that can withstand temperatures up to 180°C and thus can be used for brewing any type of tea especially herbal tea.