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Mindfulness with Tea

Experience Tranquility

In this fast paced word, our mind is constantly occupied. The body is stressed by processed food, and our spirit is covered by the dust of worries and anxiety. A glass of wine, another cup of coffee adds more stimulants and relaxes little. That is until one day I took my first sip of High Mountain Tea.

Once you've tasted a high-quality High Mountain Oolong that's properly prepared the Chinese way, you will know exactly why it's so special. This tea delivers a parcel of flavours to your palate that clearly speaks for itself the moment it lands on your tongue. As its flowery fragrance drifts through the chambers in your nose, a complex medley of taste and aftertaste unfolds in your mouth and throat, a signature act that cannot be faked or imitated by less well-bred teas.
~ Daniel Reid, The Art and Alchemy of Chinese Tea

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