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Why Drink Tea

Benefits of Drinking Tea Everyday

The drinking of tea dates back 5,000 years and its benefits are only now being fully recognised. From early on in history, tea was believed to help purify the bodily channels of toxins and blockages. It helped the drinker remain clear minded and at peace. These were indispensable elements to the practice of meditation, which is the fundamental activity of both Taoist and Buddhist monks. As they partook in frequent tea drinking, tea soon became associated with divinity and longevity!

An international scientific symposium held in 2012 in U.S. summarises the effects of tea in promoting health and general well-being with a powerful and useful infographic below. While the infographic only presents the facts around green tea and black tea, it is important to remember that Oolong tea strikes the perfect balance between green tea and black tea and thus acquires the benefits of both. It is for this reason that Oolong tea is known as the connoisseur's tea as it is also one of the most difficult tea to create.

Why drink tea - Tea Council Infographic

Source: www.teausa.com/fifth-international-scientific-symposium