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High Mountain Tea in Pyramid Tea Bag

Take Goodness Wherever You Go

  • Now we can enjoy the flavour and aroma of High Mountain Tea on the go. We have packed the goodness of this exquisite tea into convenient pyramid tea bags so that you can enjoy its refreshing tastes anytime, anywhere.

    High Mountain Tea is not another green tea, neither is it another Oolong tea. It is unique in the way that it is grown, harvested and produced. Daniel Reid in his book The Art and Alchemy of Chinese Tea devoted half of it to explain the virtues and characteristics of this amazing tea. He wrote, "Once you've tasted a fine grade of High Mountain Oolong, properly prepared the traditional Chinese way, you will know exactly what makes it so special."

    This is a winter harvest that comes from a farm in ChiaYi County in the mountains of Alishan (elevation over 1,000 m) and has a rich yellow colour and carries a sweet caramel aroma. You can enjoy it hot or cold due to the high quality tea leaves. During summer I will put one tea bag into a bottle of mineral water and keep in the fridge overnight for an amazing, refreshing drink the next day. 

    This handpicked tea is packed direct at the farm for freshness. It comes in a box of 25 individually sealed, pyramid-shaped, silk tea bags. Each tea bag holds approximately 4 grams of genuine loose leaf winter tea and it can be re-steeped multiple times due to its quality.

    How I select my tea »

  • High Mountain Oolong, Winter Season.
    Notes: Sweet scent with a hint of caramel and a woody, nutty aftertaste. 
    Premium grade, single-estate High Mountain Tea from Chiayi County, Alishan, Taiwan.
    Limited quantity, an exclusive harvest sourced direct from my farm of choice.
    Natural antioxidant, regulate blood pressure, cholesterol levels, recommended for mind and body relaxation.
    Fermentation: Light (15% - 20%).
    Genuine full tea leaf in individually sealed sachet.
    A box contains 25 teabags (100 grams of tea approx.)

  • Place one tea bag into a cup, add hot water for a quick rinse and discard the liquid. Add hot water again, steep for 2 minutes (or to taste) and it's ready to serve. For a second cup just repeat the steeping, one tea bag is good for at least 2 to 3 brews.

    To make ice tea, just push a tea bag into a bottle of mineral water and leave it in the fridge overnight for a refreshing cup of ice-cold oolong to take anywhere!