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Organic High Mountain Tea in Pyramid Tea Bag

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Healthy Organic Tea Everywhere You Go

  • Fancy taking your favourite high mountain tea wherever you go? I have been working with my favourite tea supplier Mr. Wang to pack his organic tea into tea bags. Why? Because I miss High Mountain Tea when I am travelling. With this I can now carry a few sachets in my handbag wherever I go. It is the same original, high grade, hand-picked High Mountain Tea leaf, carefully packed into pyramid shaped tea bags. This allow the tea leaf to unfurl to the maximum for improved infusion. It is certified organic thus grown and produced using natural means, free of chemical and pesticides. 

    This spring tea is from ShiZhuo district in Taiwan Alishan and offers the same unique, sublime flavour common to premium teas produced in this famous alpine region. Mr Wang, the owner of the farm (pictured here) went through great length to locate his farm on the steep mountainside to ensure there is no cross-contamination from neighbours, as even a little breeze can carry pesticides across. The extent of carefulness is required to pass the certification test for 405 commonly used pesticides.

    This spring tea is golden yellow in colour and carries a sweet orchid fragrance, a smooth texture with a mellow fruity undertone. It is an amazing tea that is both inspiring and relaxing at the same time, a unique flavour that one has to try to believe. And because it comes as tea bag, it is a very easy and convenient way to make ice tea. Stick a tea bag into a bottle of mineral water and leave it in the fridge overnight for a refreshing cup of ice cold oolong to take anywhere!

    This tea is packed direct at the farm and comes in a box of 25 pyramid silk tea bags, individually packed in nitrogen filled sachet for maximum freshness. Each tea bag holds approx 3 grams of genuine loose leaf tea (not cuts or dust) and it can be re-steeped multiple times. 

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  • Organic High Mountain Oolong, Spring Season.
    Notes: Sweet orchid fragrance with fruity undertone and a smooth, lingering aftertaste.
    Premium grade, single-estate High Mountain Tea from ShiZhuo, Taiwan Alishan.
    Exclusive to idrinktea, sourced direct from a certified organic tea farm.
    Natural antioxidant, slows aging, burns fat, reduce stress and calms the mind.
    Fermentation: Light (15% - 20%).
    Genuine, full tea leaf in individually sealed sachet.
    One box contains 25 tea bags (75 grams of tea leaf approx).

  • Organic farming for High Mountain Tea is relatively new and it is a difficult journey to embark on as it requires significantly more work to start with (i.e. proper location on the steep terrain) and the cost of production is generally 2 – 3 times higher than normal tea. The plantations I choose are either certified organic farms or at the very least uses organic fertilizers. Their price points will be different but my intention is that everyone should be able to enjoy organically grown tea regardless. I believe that organic produce is the way of the future for this world to be sustainable, both from a health and ecological perspective.

    Mr Wang does not use pesticide

    Harvesting the organic High Mountain Tea

    Organic Certification

  • Put one tea bag into a cup or mug, add hot water and do a quick rinse. Discard the liquid.
    Add hot water and steep for 2 minutes (or to taste) and it's ready to serve.
    For a second cup just repeat the steeping, the tea bag is good for at least 2 to 3 brews.