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Double Wall Cup S-080 300ml

Change the Way You Drink

  • This hand crafted double wall cup will change the way you experience drinking. Samadoyo has approached the design of this cup with a refreshing and practical perspective, to transform the mundane act of drinking into a truly enjoyable experience. For a start, the top edge of the glass is refined to 1.5mm in thickness for a smooth and comfortable lip sensation. Then there is the 95º curvature at the neck to allow free, steady flow of the glass content. This plus the high transparency index and the durable construction of the cup makes it a must-have for any beverage hot or cold. The inner and outer cup can also be separated for easy cleaning. Drinking will never feel the same again!

    And one more thing, the cup comes with a lid, which is something simple, but very thoughtful and handy to keep your drink free from dust and bugs. And it is in the simple things that make this cup a great product. Samadoyo has delivered yet again an elegant and timeless piece of glassware.

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    Dimension: Approx 12.4cm (height) x 7.0cm (base diameter)
    Capacity: 300 ml / 10.2 fl oz
    Ring silicone colour: Orange

    Shipping Weight: 400 gram


  • Product Features:
    • Holds 100ºC liquid without any heat transfer to your fingers.
    • Inner cup made using SAMADURAN quality of high standard borosilicate glass with temperature variation of 180ºC. Outer cup is made of food grade Polycarbonate Resin.
    • Light transparency index 1.5 times higher than normal glass, giving it crystal-like, high transparency and high brightness finish. Light index of S-080: 92.7%, Crystal: 93%, normal double wall glass: 85%.
    • High quality, perfect glass surface with no marks or lines, Japanese glass polish production technology that adheres to European food standard.
    • Silicone ring absorbs free fall impact, 3 times more durable and a safety index 10 times higher compared to similar products
    • Easy separation of inner and outer cup makes cleaning a breeze.
    • Elegant and timeless design, hallmark of Samadoyo's quality products.