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Glass Teapot E-01 with Infuser Cup 500ml

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Simple and Inspiring Gongfu Tea

  • Catering to a group of 4 to 6 people is an inspirational hand-made teapot from the award winning glass manufacturer SAMADOYO that spots simple lines with a high gloss finish. Designed with a convenient, built-in stainless steel infuser cup, this glass teapot is ideal for brewing loose leaf tea using the traditional Gongfu method. The high grade borosilicate glass is light and durable and it is easy on the arm. By depressing a button, tea is released from the infuser cup into the main beaker, allowing you to control how long to steep the tea. This is common practice with high quality tea leaf where short, but quick repeat infusion is key to extracting its full flavour. For High Mountain Tea lovers, it is a simple way to brew Gongfu tea at home or at the office.

    You can read more on the Gongfu method and view a detailed guide on how to use the teacup or read more about my teaware.

    Dimension: Approx 13.6cm (height) x 14cm (widest body diameter)
    Capacity: 500 ml / 16.9 fl oz
    Lid: Fully Detachable

    Shipping Weight: 500 gram

    • Elevated infuser ensures tea is not over-steeped.
    • High grade borosilicate glass, no taste transfer.
    • Patented water release control for the inner cup, durable and no leakage.
    • Convenient all-in-one design, easy to use and clean, perfect for the office.
    • Multipurpose, suitable for all types of tea requiring steeping control.
    • Beautifully hand crafted, a quality addition to your collection.
    • Detail specification:
    Component Material High/Low Temperature Grade
    Cup Set
    Cup Lid Polycarbonate Resin 137°C / -30°C Food grade
    Inner Cup Polycarbonate Resin 137°C / -30°C Food grade
    Strainer Valve High Grade Stainless Steel 150°C / -40°C Food grade
    Glass Body High Grade Borosilicate Glass Temperature Variation 180°C Food grade
  • How to care for your Samadoyo teapot with infuser cup:

    It is recommended that the infuser cup be hand washed to ensure leaf residues do not enter through the outlet at the bottom of the cup.

    When finished using teacup or teapot, discard the tea leaves and rinse the infuser cup immediately to prevent staining.

    Some light stains will inevitably build up due to the nature of tea. Here are some suggestions for removal: