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High Mountain Tea - Spring Harvest

Calm the Mind, Enrich the Senses

  • This delightful High Mountain Tea comes from the hills of Ruili Village in Taiwan Alishan and is grown and harvested in the spring season. Seasonal tea (spring or winter) is considered premium grade compared to the more common all-year round variety as the plants are given time to develop and mature. Spring tea is known for its aromatic qualities and intricate flavours. This, coupled with the way each farmer applies his own skills to extract the desired flavours from the tea, gives this harvest a truly special character.

    Ruili Village in Taiwan AlishanThis particular spring tea is cultivated on the northern side of the Alishan mountain. The village is over 1,000 m (3,280 feet) above sea level and it is famous for its breath-taking sceneries and tea farms. I only managed to acquire a small quantity as the harvest is limited, typical of the family-run farms on the mountain. I chose it as it truly reflects the splendour of High Mountain Tea. It has a buttery floral flavour, a mellow silky texture and a sweet, fruity aftertaste that I am sure will captivate old and new Oolong tea lovers alike. It can be infused many times without losing much of its flavour or turning astringent, typical of high grade tea. The farm recently switched to using organic fertiliser. I find the brew is a touch sweeter and a more prominent nutty aroma.

    This handpicked tea comes as loose leaf and is vacuum-packed direct at the farm for freshness.

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  • High Mountain Oolong, Spring Harvest.
    Notes: A clean, buttery floral aroma with a sweet, fruity aftertaste.
    Premium grade, single-estate High Mountain Tea from Ruili Village, Taiwan Alishan.
    Limited quantity, an exclusive harvest sourced direct from my choice tea farm.
    Natural antioxidant, promotes digestion, burns fat, great for mind and body relaxation.
    Fermentation: Light (15% - 20%).
    Loose leaf, vacuum packed, 2 years shelf life when properly stored.
    A 150 gram (5.3 oz) bag brews approx 30 cups.

  • Use 2 to 3 teaspoons of tea leaf with 120 ml of near boiling water.

    Put tea leaf in a pot and do a quick rinse with hot water. Discard the liquid.
    Steep the tea leaf with hot water for 30 to 40 secs and pour into drinking cup or pitcher.
    Repeat the steeping and mix the brews together.

    Now you have a great tasting cup of tea with amazing fragrant aroma.

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