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Glass Teacup Double Wall CP-08 40ml (set of 2)

Beauty Comes in Small Sizes 

  • This exquisite little teacup will enhance any gongfu tea set. Every guest I had just loved how they looked and feel. The high grade borosilicate glass has a luxurious shine, easy to wash and will not transfer taste. More importantly, the double wall glass will keep the brew warm. So you can just relax and chat away without worrying about the tea getting cold.

    This comes in a set of 2 teacups. Limited stock.

    Read more about my teaware here.

    Dimension: Approx 48mm (height) x 54mm (base diameter)
    Capacity: 40 ml / 1.4 fl oz
    Quantity: 2

    Shipping Weight: 300 gram


  • Product Features:
    • Made with SAMADURAN quality high standard borosilicate glass with temperature variation of 180ºC.
    • Holds hot liquid with little heat transfer to fingers.
    • Light transparency index 1.5 times higher than normal glass, giving it crystal-like, high transparency and high brightness finish. Light index of CP-08: 92.7%, Crystal: 93%, normal double wall glass: 85%.
    • High quality, perfect glass surface with no marks or lines, Japanese glass polish production technology that adheres to European food standard.
    • Elegant and timeless design, hallmark of Samadoyo's quality products.